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I Am The Sheepdog (White)Mission Statement:

To recognize our military brethren who serve, have served, and will serve the United States of America; to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom; and to provide products and services that proudly celebrate the heroes that are THE AMERICAN SOLDIER.






The OathGoal:

To proudly display patriotism in America by providing a platform from which to proclaim ones love for and belief in the God given right to live free and pursue happiness by virtue of the sacrifice of THE AMERICAN SOLDIER.


OnPoint USA ~ was founded on honor, integrity and a love of selfless service. We live by these values professionally and personally, and thereby guaranty that our products and services will reflect these values and this code. We have served this nation on the battlefield and have carried our wounded brothers out of battle, and therefore have a passionate understanding of THE AMERICAN SOLDIER.


“If you got something bad to say about the U.S.A., you better save it for different ears unless you want to crawl away.” – Luke Stricklin

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Clearing The Air

Clearing The Air

I have seen more people posting on social media about being afraid of the Military. I see posts like, “when … Read more...

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Small Business Spotlight

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Clearing The Air

Clearing The Air

I have seen more people posting on social media about being afraid of the Military. I see posts like, “when the military goes door to door,” and “how can we fight the … Read more...

I Just Saved You $382.1 Million

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Troll, Meet a Warrior

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More Military Cuts Coming

More Military Cuts Coming